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With Traditional Chinese Medicine influence, this facial tool was designed to Smooth, Lift & Sculpt.


Releases tight fascia, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and promotes lymphatic drainage resulting in plump, sculpted and glowing skin.


(We recommend using Lipid Complex for dry, mature, sensitive skin and Vitamin K for oily/acneic skin.)

Dalmation Jasper Gua Sha Tool

  • 1) Wash your face. It's always important to roll on a clean face; otherwise, you're just pushing all that dirt and oil into your pores!

    2) Apply serums and moisturizer to provide some slip. In other words, rolling should be the last step of your skincare routine.

    3) Use slow strokes across your chest and down your neck for lymphatic drainage.

    4) Starting at the jawline sweep working your way upwards and outwards.

    5) For the forehead, start right above the brows and go up to the hairline

    6) Starting under the inner corner of your eye, gently glide in an outward and slightly upward direction.

    7) Repeat each stroke intuitively (we recommend 5-10 sweeps per section) and finish your ritual with slow strokes down your neck for drainage.

    8) Clean your tool with a mild cleanser after use.

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